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Paranormal TV on Ghostwatch

We show some of the best paranormal videos from around the world. Paranormal TV includes everything from real paranormal investigations, ghostly documentaries, spooky podcasts and even paranormal parodies.

Welcome to ParanormalTV

Show your stuff!

There is a huge amount of talented, experienced and hard working teams out there that may not get the recognition their investigations deserve. We created Paranormal TV to help showcase smaller or newer paranormal groups and give them their turn in the spotlight.

Newbie or a seasoned pro it doesn't matter, if you've got something that will entertain, inform and delight the paranormal world we want to see it. Paranormal TV on Ghostwatch is free and open to all paranormal teams that have investigated at least 2 locations and have their own team channel on YouTube. All we ask is that the videos on your channel are region free and your own work.